1947 last day & Mainline first day (on Kickstarter)

Little reminder to our readers: only one day left to support Aleph Game Studio and their game 1947: the decline of an Empire, the birth of a Nation.


I did it already, playing game time is little frightening, but we played 1817 once for 13 hours, so 7-10 hours to play 1947 is not a big deal 😉


Today is also first day to support MAINLINE Magazine, by TraXX with 4 games and lot of real history inside! There will be new maps and rules to games: 1830, 1846, 1817 and Irish Gauge, so to play with the new map you need the old game. 

It will be live on Kickstarter at 10:00 EDT.


I will support them for sure too!


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