Our first stop motion movie

Some time ago, somewhere I saw a very quick video, which showed (within a dozen or so seconds) how the game map changed during the game, how the tracks were built and how they were modernized. I don’t know where it was anymore, but I liked this idea so much that I decided to try to record something like that myself.

This is a 50-second video of the 18Chesapeake gameplay, which consists of photos taken every minute.

This is how I wanted to remember the game, so that I can describe it to you later, but there will be more advantages. It will be visible in which games players build separate networks, which over time combine into one large system (1856), and in which all players operate in one place from the beginning and such a railway network grows slowly over the entire map (1830 with additions).

If you like this idea, I will try to record such videos as systematically as possible. We are waiting for your feedback …
I know, the quality is low, but I will try to improve it soon.

You can see the first effect here:

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