Stickers with patches to 18DO: Dortmund

We got the green light from Marflow Games to prepare stickers to fix a few minor bugs that accidentally crept into this game.

You can add them for free to any order from our store.

These stickers improve such elements:

  • On the HSB-Stock-Market board there are stock values stated as ’60 – 56 – 70’. The correct stock values are ’60 -65 -70’
  • On the charter of Private Brewery No. 6 there are one BEC 1 and one BEC 2 as starting BEC cards. The correct number of the starting BEC cards is stated in the rules and is two BEC 1 and one BEC 2

If you want more then one of these correction stickers, just add a note in the comment field.

Final result:



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