New prototype games from AAG

Prototypes of three new AAG titles (1877, 18DE and expansion to 1849) will be released on July 1, and only a few copies will be available.

You can read more about these games in the AAG newsletter, and if you don’t subscribe to it, we’ve included a copy of it below. From these games I only got to know 1877 and you can read my first impressions here.

June 2021 Update by AAG:

July 1 (10am central) will be the biggest shop update in a long time as we will post a limited number of prototype games for sale and reopen Wave 4 for add-on orders. This is a good time to order the Wave 4 games to be included in the first batch of shipments and especially for international orders that can ship from a closer fulfillment center (before the remainder are made available from US/UK/Germany after the Wave 4 fulfillment). If you don’t remember what you ordered, you can use the contact form and we can look it up.

AAG Wave 4
Wave 4 production continues and is on track for completing manufacturing August, then shipping to customers September-October.

  • 1860 Railways on the Isle of Wight (plus separate expansion)
  • 18USA Full Game (blue box)
  • 18USA Expansion (red box, requires 1817 to be able to play)
  • 1837
  • 1822CA
  • ​Harzbahn 1873
  • 18Chesapeake: Off the Rails Expansion

2021 Prototype Games

  • 1877: Venezuela – This game is all the best parts of 1817 packed into a very small game that plays fast and comes out of the starting gate at full speed.
  • ​​18DE: Germany – This is a more conventional operational game that uses the great merger/conversion system from 1817, but strips out the short selling. It plays fast and it feels like a full game experience in only 3-4 hours.
  • 1849 Kingdom of the Two Sicilies – This is an expansion to 1849 that uses the 1849 components on a new larger map and adds two companies and some trains. It is like the extended mode for 1849 if you find that 1849 screeches to the end just when it is heating up.

2021 Prototypes will be available for sale July 1, 10am central US time.

All of these games are available for play on

  • Response to these prototypes will be used to assess whether to print additional copies (whether hand-made or mass produced).
  • Game rules will be online only as rules changes from other games while these are in prototype status. There may be an opportunity in the future to buy final full rulebooks if those are produced.

1877: Venezuela – Short (2h) 1817-style game with a focus on short sales and financial arbitrage and sabotage

  • Full boxed game, 20 copies (+10 more depending on which sells out first)

18DE: Germany – Medium (3-4h) 1817-style game, but with no short sales

  • Full boxed game, 20 copies (+10 more depending on which sells out first)

1849: Kingdom of the Two Sicilies – an expansion for 1849 with a larger map on the “boot” of Italy. Requires 1849.

  • Mounted board + extra components expansion only, no limit, but this edition will only be available during July 2021.

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