18JR Railways of Japan (prototype)

Prototypes of the new 18xx games appear every now and then and very few of them make my heart beat faster. Recently, however, Marcin from Olkusz (he has the same name as me) came across a title, which I decided to mention a few words about, because the game evokes in me an irresistible desire to get to know and play this mostrum.

The game covers the whole of Japan and I don’t know if the size of the tiles you know from 1822 will be enough to put the map on my table. I think that 18JR is at least twice as long as 1822. There are as many large companies in the game as in 1817 (that’s 20), but there are also small companies and a whole lot of private companies. And another color of the tracks has arrived: the blue one (after the grey).

The game is in the prototype phase, and you can play it now on Tabletop Simulator.

7 thoughts on “18JR Railways of Japan (prototype)”

  1. Hi there! Are the rules available somewhere, please? Can’t find them and I’m not on TTS…
    Thanks and regards,

    1. The rules are only on Tabletop Simulator. I will try to contact with the designer.

  2. Thank you for the news, Marcin. I have been checking the game in TTS, going through the rules and I wondered whether there is a way to contact the designer to ask rules questions. I have no idea on how to find him.

    1. Me too :/
      I’m trying to contact him by TTS, but don’t know how often he is there.

  3. I must said the rule has many miss. I am trying play it on TTS. Have you do a whole game before? Do you contact suceed with Developer?

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