18MS & 18West: new tiles stickers to our trays

Stickers for the next two titles are ready: 18MS & 18West. You can use them together with our trays.

For these games, you need the following set of trays:

  • 18MS: 1 x 15mm tray 12 comp. + 1 x 8mm tray 20 comp. + 1 x 8mm tray 12 comp.
  • 18West: 1 x 15mm tray 20 comp. + 2 x 8mm tray 20 comp.

You can find the full, systematically updated list here: https://www.railsonboards.com/2020/07/30/18xx-plastic-game-trays/

In the queue there are 1840, 1849 and 18Ireland.

And finally good news: the molds for the new trays should be ready today, so I’ll get the first prototypes next week. I can not wait!

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