4 thoughts on “A small comparison of cards in 18xx games”

  1. For share certificates, the important consideration is how a group of certificates looks when they are splayed, either vertically or horizontally. It should be easy to see how many shares are represented by any set of certificates. What a single certificate looks like on its own is much less important.

    1. Yes, it is the most important factor. I think that these ones with 2 icons on the president certificate are the best ones.

  2. I like shares where the president share has double lines, because I prefer to display shares for different companies in columns. But if it’s two symbols instead, I have no problem switching to rows.

    If possible, I like private certificates that includes text that describes what the privates do (special powers).

  3. I think ones that have info that give the owner the ability to splay them horizontally or vertically are the best. I don’t think I have seen any that are optimal but the ones with two/one icon on the left side of the cert with 20/10% on the bottom are the best. I like the ones that have president’s certificate highlighted are also nice but not necessary. Train cards with the color of the phase are helpful, as well as when they are rusted.

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