1844 free tokens to Z/B cities

One of our clients suggested adding two markers for these cities to the game. These are just two 10mm discs and two stickers, which we’ve already added to each 1844 kit, but if you’ve previously purchased this set, you can add these stickers for free to any order.

Simply choose your prize in the ‘select your prize’ field and add it for free.

On BGG there was a question how to use these tokens: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2655466/1844-what-purpose-token-z-and-token-b

Stephe Thomas wrote:

The Bern and Zurich hexes are labelled B and Z respectively on the map. However, the first tile placed in these hexes must be an ordinary yellow city tile (one of #5, #6, or #57). These upgrade to the tiles labelled B or Z respectively in green and beyond. However, there’s no immediate visible clue on the tile itself, and players (let’s put it charitably here) who are concentrating on other things might try to place one of the normal city upgrades here (one of #14, #15, or #619). So you can place the B token on Bern or the Z token on Zurich to remind such players that there’s something special about these hexes.



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