Small changes to our sets: 1849, 18LA, 1862 and 1848

At your request, we have added additional tokens to 1849 set for ports and for the variant with E-trains.

One of our readers pointed out that in 18LA we have incorrect illustration for a private company, because in the meantime the rulebook has changed and instead of company with cattle icon it is ‘Los Angeles Citrus Company’.

The 1862 set has changed slightly again and now we have selected the best colors for it again, so that our tokens match the colors of the companies as well as possible. You can see the effect below.

At the end first photos of 1848 set with tokens to mark track gauge change.

1 thought on “Small changes to our sets: 1849, 18LA, 1862 and 1848”

  1. The 1849 set looks good. Waiting to see if you can fit it in the box together with trays for all the tiles.

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