1817 play like the master – mini tokens set for the stock exchange

The stock exchange in 1817 is unique, three types of companies – 2-share, 5-share and 10-shares ones – operate on it at the same time. Each of these types has its own rules, e.g. two 2-share companies can be combined, similarly 5-share companies. In turn, short sales can only be purchased for 5-share and 10-share ones.

What kind of a given company is, you can see from the marker on its charter, but there is a little problem, if there are a dozen or so companies running in the game and knowing which of the players still has a 2-share company, and which companies are already 10-share ones is not that simple.

That’s why we had additional markers in all of our games. When it was a 2-share company, it had a tiny 12mm disk. When we changed it to a 5-share one, it got a 12mm cylinder. A large 15mm cylinder was prepared for companies with 10-shares. In this way, one glance at the stock exchange allowed to find out what the situation was, e.g. it was immediately clear which companies are probably overvalued so that we could take a risk and buy their short sale.

We have had such a set of tokens together with station tokens in our store for some time. However, it is a pity to throw away more than 100 pieces of tokens included with the original game, so we have prepared a special set that complements the game and it contains only markers for the stock exchange. There are a total of 60 tokens and 120 double-sided stickers in it!

After the move of a given company during the OR, it is good to turn its marker over, but because in 1817 there are many companies of the same color (e.g. 3 red ones), the markers have to be rotated again after the operational round is finished. We have prepared crossed-out company symbols on the other side, thanks to which, even after turning the marker, you can still know what the company is.

Unfortunately, not all tokens colors are the same as in the AAG game, we tried to choose the best equivalents, but I think it does not matter much, because the double-sided stickers will hide the tokens colors anyway.

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