February summary of new products in our store

For those who rarely visit us, I have prepared a list of new products that have recently appeared in our offer.

The first and most important thing are the new trays. We already have three new sizes of them in our warehouse, about which we have already written several times.
Now I just need to find some time to supply them to my games and also stickers. I will try to publish the final effect on the blog or BGG.
The most interesting tray is the one for small track tiles with 25 compartments. It passed my first tests very positively, because all my teammates who saw the prototype wanted to take it from me right away;)

Tray stickers:
For our trays we have already prepared stickers for the next titles: 1840, 18CZ and of course 1822. Below you can see the first photos.

Wooden tokens:
After a few months of waiting, the production of the two new colors is finished and you can order them right away. Let me remind you that these are: fuchsia and cherry. We ordered all sizes of discs and cylinders in these colors. These are very peculiar colors and I hope you will like them. Pictures also below. Their pantone codes are:
– cherry – 1945C
– fuchsia – 2353C

The next colors will not appear until some time.

Now we are left to focus on the titles waiting for release. We’re working hard on it, but I don’t want to reveal anything until I have some physical in-game component. We agreed with the author which train is supposed to be on the cover of the box and as soon as this element is ready, we will reveal our plans.


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