Let’s start: new trays preorder phase

The new 12mm tray for small track tiles is ready and will be produced from Monday. From now until February 20 you can buy it with a 20% discount.

It is designed to 1822, 1822MX, 1822CA or 18OE and their tokens.

To 1822 tou will need 4 x 12mm tray (tiles) + 1 x 12mm tray (tokens)  and to 1822MX one tray less, it is: 3 x 12mm tray (tiles) + 1 x 12mm tray (tokens).

There are also two new small trays 15mm depth and 8mm depth with 12 departments. You can find full updated list of games here: https://www.railsonboards.com/2020/07/30/18xx-plastic-game-trays/

We have also started the phase of preparing very low trays which will be available in March/April.

Go to shop: https://www.railsonboards.com/our-shop/



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