Trays wave 2 – first photos

Today I got the first prototypes of three new trays.

The first (the largest) is suitable for games with small tracks tiles like 1822. For this title, only 3 such trays are enough! One tray has a total of 25 compartments.

The other two trays are shorter versions of the tray as you already know, they have the same heights, only 8 compartments less, and will allow you to adjust the trays better to those titles with little space or space left in the trays after inserting all the tracks tiles.

More details about our trays coming soon. I am glad that we collect so many good opinions for them, we really try to make them the highest quality products.

New tray for small track tiles vs old trays for regular track tiles.


New short 15mm deep tray


New short 15mm deep tray vs old 15mm deep tray.


Short 8mm deep tray




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