Bright green discs back on stock (and new colors delay)

Unfortunately, the turmoil due to covid did not bypass the manufacturer of our wooden tokens, which is why discs in bright green color were unavailable for a long time. We had to wait six months for the production and it is a record time! Luckily, we have recently got a large shipment and we can already fulfill your orders with this color.

For the same reason, the production of two new colors will be delayed: cherry and fuchsia. At the moment I think the possible date is around February, but the producer said that he couldn’t promise anything.

On the occasion of Christmas, I found a set of interesting colors scheme and their names. All because of Winsor & Newton markers. I am writing about it because sometimes the colors nomenclature can be quite a problem and if I named our colors in the store now, I would choose completely different names for a part of them. You can find the full list here:

Of course, the best sampler is the official one from Pantone, but it has a few hundred pages, costs as much as 1817 and my friend already has it, so new colors of our future tokens will be taken from it.

And there is our list of colors:

Which in your opinion is missing in our store?

2 thoughts on “Bright green discs back on stock (and new colors delay)”

  1. To my eyes at least, Cool Aqua, Meadow Green, and Pesto seem sufficiently distinguishable from the colors you already stock to merit being added.

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