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I had recently written about new games on this platform, and I need to report now that there are 5 new titles: 1860, 18CO: Rock & Stock, 1817WO, 1867, 18Chesapeake After Dark!

The greatest emotions are probably aroused by 1860, which many players were waiting for. This game changes everything you know about 18xx and we have already written about it several times:

I already heard about 1817WO, because it’s a version of 1817 on a very small map with a small amount of everything and apparently this game works even for two players.

18CO, 1867 and 18Chesapeake After Dark are a big surprise for me.

The first one introduces a lot of changes, e.g. companies can buy their own shares and shares of other companies! Takeovers and track downgrades are possible (the brown ones are not necessarily stronger – I know a similar mechanism from 18CLE). There is a lot of capital in the game, which makes the mechanics of buying other companies’ shares very interesting.

You can read about 18CO more here:
There are even files to prepare your own PnP copy!

18Chesapeake After Dark is a hardcore version of 18Chesapeake, which is only about one thing: not to go bankrupt first. There are fewer trains in the game and diesel costs like in the classic 1830, which is $ 1100.

Nothing but play 🙂

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