1825 tokens update

One customer pointed out that we don’t have all the companies in our sticker kit for 1825. We missed a few of them from various add-ons, including those prepared by fans of this game.

They were:

  • H&BR – Unit 2 – Gold
  • BTR – Unit 3 – Orange
  • PWJR – Unit 3 – Yellow
  • C&OR – Unit 3 – Blue
  • MMR – R1 – Black
  • SWJR – R2 – Green

For these companies, we have added stickers to the sets. There are in total 24 tokens and 31 stickers.

Anyone who already has these sets can buy small upgrade. Just add a comment to your order. The price of the complementary kit is: $2.9.

4 thoughts on “1825 tokens update”

  1. I have a pretty nearly complete set of 1825 and noticed that you include 3 of Dave Berry’s 4 minor companies in DB6 (namely, you put the Hull & Barnsley in Unit 2 as tan “H&BR”, the Callander & Oban in Unit 3 as blue “C&OR”, and the Manchester & Milford in Add-ons as black “MMR”). Do you have plans to include the fourth company at any point (South Devon and Tavistock)? And is there any way I might be able to request that?

    Secondly, I see three companies I don’t recognise. The green SWJR in Add-ons, the red BTR in Unit 3, and the yellow PWJR also in Unit 3. Are you able to provide any information as to what they represent?

    1. Yes, we can print that too. What color would be suitable for South Devon and Tavistock?
      Regarding the other three companies, they were added by request and I believe they come from unofficial add-ons.

      1. I had figured they were unofficial – I remain curious as to whose they are! Maybe someone may be able to offer further insights in these comments.

        As for the South Devon & Tavistock, Mike Hutton’s variant per the files shared by Dave Berry has it as white (https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/134358/db6-extra-minor-companies-for-1825). But it also uses orange for the Callander & Oban where you use blue, and green for the Manchester & Milford where you use black. White is not used for other companies though so still might be a good option?

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