New game from Gary Mroczka

We haven’t had the opportunity to write anything about Gary Mroczka’s game from 2019 (18NYC) yet, and meanwhile Gary has already published another title, which takes place in Chile (18CH)! Both games are unique because Gary makes them himself and sells them on Ebay.

You can see the current auctions here:

18NYC describes the development of the New York City subway, including three companies that have their own track color! There is also a government railway, the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA), that may form as well. Each phase color also has a deck of event cards which are drawn from at the start of each OR.

The latest 18CH features a government railroad – The Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado Railway (EFE) – a long narrow map, and five small narrow-gauge railways called “nitrate corporations”, which were built to connect the mines with these resources to major Chilean ports. There is also 10 Major Corporations and 1 Government Company.
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Unfortunately, we do not know anything more about these titles, if you have them (or played them), we will be happy to hear your opinions (and we will publish them as well).

The full list of games by Gary Mroczek can be found here:

Some photos from ebay:

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