1848 mini set & 1857 new (white) set

1848 mini set

I decided to add to 1848 Australia mini set, five additional tiny markers to mark L tiles for which there is an additional bonus. I know that you can see them on the map, but the yellow tracks do not have these markings and sometimes you can just forget about them. It happened during our two games at the very beginning, when we forgot about this bonus!

Everyone who has already bought this set will receive this mini add-on for free with their next order.

1857 new (white) set

1857 is the title from Winsome Games, which released their two games last year. They were published for real enthusiasts in a small edition and with a minimalistic set of elements, e.g. the stations were only cubes in a right color.

Because the 18xx games issued by Winsome have always required elements from 1830 to play them, some people (e.g. me) did all the missing components themselves, e.g. track tiles or tokens. I even did companies stocks cards and charters. And at this point comes what everyone has probably experienced, designing the game, i.e. the colors of the elements. I made my version with different colors than the original one.

So my own set of tokens didn’t match my version of the game. That’s why I have been thinking that maybe if the stickers are without colors, just white, then this set of tokens will suit my game as well.
The stickers are white with black company names, you can purchase any disc colors to them and thus prepare the set in any color of the company. What do you think about this idea? Would you like to see such stickers in our store?

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