The 1862 set: two new colors replace the previous ones

Recently, our store has had two new colors: inky and tan. They fit much better to those that were previously matched to ECR and WNR companies. For ECR, our set currently uses the inky color (previously it was lavender), while for WNR there is tan now that matches the background of this company’s cards (instead of brown – brown was not too bad, but I think that tan fits better).

Are there anybody among our readers who would like to get a mini set with these changed colors? Unfortunately, it would be chargeable a bit, because in total it would contain almost 20 markers and a sticker.

New colors:

Old colors:

New & old ones:

6 thoughts on “The 1862 set: two new colors replace the previous ones”

  1. I would be interested in an upgrade kit with the new color tokens (& the stickers for them, of course).

  2. Oh yes, I often order here. Currently waiting for a couple of new sets. Would like to upgrade my current tokens with these better ones as soon as new stuff arrive.

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