1817 and company colors versus tokens colors

I know that some of our readers wanted each company to have a different color of tokens and there is an option to buy such a set in our store, but once again I tried to match each company with a different token color (we now have 22 colors and there are 20 companies), and this is a breakneck task. The worst thing is that there are three companies that are only red! See in the photos below my attempt to match, the top marker is the one that is perfectly matched to the color of the cards, the bottom marker is one of the 20 colors (chosen so that each company has a different color). Whatever I would do, there are still 5 companies for which the card color is completely different then the token color.

In 1862 it is much easier, because the markers always have two colors and you can try to create different combinations there.

It seems to me that for 1817 I will stay with the set in which the marker colors will be duplicated so 4 companies will be red, and so on….

This is not a problem, because our stock stickers are now double-sided and the other side looks really cool!

These companies, or possibly other ones of the same color, stay with tokens of completely different colors.

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