1825 set with all units and add-ons

1825 it is set of three titles and a few additions. The first one called Unit 1 was created in 1995, the next one 5 years later and so on. All these titles were issued with plastic tokens that were intended to mark stations and prices on stock exchange. And maybe if I had had this set of these games, maybe some time ago I would have prepared stickers and a set of wooden discs for it.

Unfortunately, it is so terribly expensive, therefore, still waiting to be bought; but one of the readers helped me to develop the stickers. Remco sent me the entire list of companies, he took pictures of all components and was constantly watching over my work and the final look of this set. Now, thanks to his help, in our store you can buy  a beautifully designed set of stickers for one of the oldest 18xx games.

There are several companies in the whole set with identical marker colors, but it does not bother us because the stock market tokens are double-sided, so we tried to choose the marker colors so that they match the colors of the company boards as much as possible.

1825 has been issued several times so far and individual editions slightly differ in colors, and if so it was, we tried to match our markers to the last issue.

All stations are 15mm in size and they fit perfectly into the map. The set also includes 10 minor companies for which 1 sticker goes on a 15mm cylinder.

Check also this small update: 1825 tokens update

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    1. Not yet, but I didn’t know there were no charters in this game. I think it is possible, but not until next month or two even.

  1. I made my own set of the three games with individual maps with the kits added, as well as a full map with all three games and kits combined. Included the northern addition. All updated from the original Tresham graphics.

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