A new set for the 1817 is ready

We recently showed you stickers to 1817, now it’s time for photos of the whole set. There are three different tokens in it for each company, provided as a share price markers. If the company is a 2-share one, it has the smallest 12mm disc marker. If the company is a 5-share one, then its marker increases and from that moment it is a 12mm cylinder. If this is the largest 10-share company, then you should use a 15mm cylinder.

And – attention, attention – each of these markers is two-sided! To the other side we have prepared a very nicely crossed company logo, thanks to the nice translucent gradient you can see a part of the logo under the crossed out pattern, while the white lines also nicely emphasize this strikethrough.

In this way you can, after the company finishes the action in the operational round, rotate its marker once down and in the next OR up.

There are 20 companies in this game. We had two options: to give each company a different marker color, or to match the color of the markers with the company board colors. We decided for the second one. I prefer when the tokens colors repeat, and match to the color of the company’s board, so there are 4 red companies, but thanks to the fact that the markers are double-sided, this should not bother anyone.

Don’t forget there are credit markers used in the game. You can use the ones you got in the game for this purpose, or you can buy additional 70 markers. In my opinion 12mm red discs or 12mm red cylinders fit best here.

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