Rails on Boards signs a contract with UPS

If you have been watching us lately, you know that the recent turmoil due to the coronovirus caused that the previous method of delivering packages with our little sweets has been canceled. Polish Post withdrew its offer relating to air transport, which was not sensationally fast, but still worked. After this happened, we were able to send our parcels to several countries by sea, but the delivery of the parcels took an unbelievably long time, and even such a way of shipment is not possible to some countries, That is why for a month we have been looking for another supplier who still had air transport on offer and which was at least a little similar in price to Polish Post’s offer.

Today we can reveal that we have signed a contract with UPS and a large proportion of parcels will be delivered in this way. Unfortunately, the UPS offer is even three times more expensive compared to the cheapest package that was available in Poczta Polska (shipping to US/Canada). Therefore, we had to raise the shipping price, the smallest orders will be sent by sea, but if you want to receive your order faster, you can choose the express delivery when ordering, then we will send your order via UPS.

When everything becomes stable again, we will restore the previous prices and, of course, we will leave the option of the fast delivery with UPS.

Meanwhile, we are adding new products to our offer, a new set to 1817 is ready, two new colors have been added and – attention, attention – I did not plan it, but another new color will appear in our store! Instead of the color we call gold, the manufacturer sent us something that looked like “dirty yellow”, it seemed so interesting to me that I ordered discs and cylinders in this color (that we didn’t get now). I think that within a month it will appear in our offer.

Unfortunately, the production of one brand new 18xx gaming component has been suspended until the pandemic is calmed down a little, then we will tell you what our plans are for the coming months.

… and I hope that your order will be delivered in any conditions:

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