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Anthony Fryer, known from Heavy Cardboard and Wheel Tapping podcasts, has been working on several games for a while. From now on you can order them as P’n’P files (the profits go to the TraXX convention budget). Currently, there are five games available: 18TraXX 2020 – Great Plains Railroading (co-authored by ‘Sweater’ Mike Carter), 18 Los Angeles, 18 Grand Junction, 1888, and 1883 Express d’Orient. Board18 game box for 18Traxx is currently being made, so you’ll be able to test it online.

The games are Winsomesque in spirit (but with freely available rules) and based on 1830 or 1846.

The goal for each TraXX game is:

  1. Find a place to experiment and create a game around a McGuffin (or two).

  2. Build on the core of 1846 or 1830 to utilize those mechanisms to quickly get players through the base rules.

  3. Be “Winsomesque” in spirit. Winsome Games is an inspiration in this regard.

  4. Provide some fun at a game table.

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