18xx Sydney Con returns for 2020

2019 saw the first dedicated 18xx Con in Sydney, Australia

31 Attendees played 18Chesapeake, 18Ireland, 1889, 1822CA and other train games over one full day. For many participants this was one of their first chances to play an 18xx game with other enthusiasts.

Now in 2020 18xx Sydney Con will move to a new larger venue at Bankstown (complete with aircon and bars!) and be held for two whole days (26 and 27 September) from 7.30am until 10.30pm.

The improved opening hours and new larger improved venue should allow for more train games to be played for even more hours.

What else is special this year?

Apart from the extra day, longer opening hours and improved venue – so far this year almost 30 tickets have already been sold and there’s still months to go until September! Its likely total number of attendees will be much greater this year, so that means a lot more people to play with over the weekend.

Some special guests have also advised they will be bringing some more difficult to find games from their own collections. So this might be a great chance to try a grail game or an 18xx game that you’ve not yet even heard of.

How do I buy tickets or find out more information?

Right here:  https://beholdgames.com.au/pages/18xx-sydney-convention

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