After 18xxAuckCon

We got a short summary from Damian after the first 18xx Con in New Zealand.

Are you excited about information with such events, would you like to participate in them? See in our calendar where there will be next 18xx meeting.

And here is the full story from Damian.

My brain is still full from an excellent long weekend’s 18xx fiesta at the inaugural 18xxAuckCon down in Auckland, New Zealand.
By my count, we had 10 players over the four days, notching up 18 plays of 15 individual games:
1x 1812
1x 1836
1x 1836jr
1x 1882
1x 18TN
1x 1856
1x 18FL
1x 1822 MRS
1x 1828
1x 1861
1x 1862
1x 18MEX
1x 18Neb
2x 1889
3x 18Scan

One player drove from two hours away to attend, two others flew from the other end of the country to attend for all four days, and we had one fly all the way over from Australia to get his 18xx on.
Still a little shell-shocked at getting so much train gaming in over four days, but looking forward to doing it all over again next year.


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