1830 and 1846 are sold out

At the beginning of this year, it was possible to buy 1846 at a very, very cheap price. GMT sold out the last items from its warehouse at that time and the new copy costs ~ $ 35. It seems to me that since they sell the game for $ 35, the market is completely filled and nobody wants to buy it anymore. That’s why I was very surprised when someone said that 1846 is now a rarity! Yes, that is true. Currently, the 1846 GMT edition costs several times more than during the sale!
Very interesting data can be read from BGG, and the chart shows how the price of 1846 has changed in the last few months.

The next print of 1846 is possible, however, at the beginning GMT denied it, but then they stated that this decision is not final and maybe 1846 would go back to the P500 list.

The situation is similar to 1830. A new reprint, which appeared in December last year, is already sold out (during one year!) And now Lookout is thinking about a new print!

3 thoughts on “1830 and 1846 are sold out”

  1. Even if 1846 did make it back on the P500 list, it would be behind 1862 (which is at least a month late shipping) and 1848 (which hasn’t even gone to the printers yet), so you’re looking at a very long time before you would hold it in your hands!

    1. Since they already have all the art assets and components files from the first printing, there’s a distinct possibility a 2nd Edition of 1846 could reach folks before 1848.

  2. GMT put a 2nd printing of 1846 on their P500 list on 20 November 2019. I wonder how long to will take to hit 500 this time?

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