1862 start and destination station markers – poll with a prize

GMT allowed us to issue a set of tokens to thier new game: 1862.

While preparing this set we came across one thing that may be more readable if we do it a little differently than in the GMT edition. It’s a marker for the start station. It is important during the game and therefore its symbol is different from the rest of the markers. In the GMT release, all station markers are the same height, so its different symbol is the only way to distinguish it from normal stations. In our set, we want to make the start station twice as high, so we can make the symbol the same.

And now a question for you, whether in our set a sticker for the start station:

Identical to the other stations? Then it will look like this (option 1):

Different as in the GMT release, then it will look like this (option 2):

Do both versions, even if the set will be more expensive (option 3).

Vote, among those who cast their vote, we are going to draw one person who will receive a set to 1862 for free.

Which version should we print?
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8 thoughts on “1862 start and destination station markers – poll with a prize”

  1. Why not just print both versions of stickers but keep only 1 token? Could put each version of sticker on each side of that one token to keep costs down

    1. Yes, I will probably print both versions, if it is done this way, the tokens will be double-sided.

  2. I’ve seen people use cubes to mark on the map where the different types of trains (local, express and freight) are going to start, and what the original permit of a company was (useful when it needs to be recycled). Is this set going to contain something like that?

    1. Thanks for your suggestions, I will add them to this set if they are useful. Price in the pre order time will not change, but after it it will be probably little more expensive then this 20%.

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