1861: Russia / 1867: Canada Kickstarter is live!

While we are writing this post there 1861/67 is on the best way to be funded. It reaches 2000021000$ of 30000$!
And there are 320 backers, who want 343 boxes!

In addition to information about this games which maybe many of you already know, there will be few new thing in new edition:

  • Includes 1861S (short), a game variant where premade bundles of Private Companies and Minor Companies are auctioned off. This is a great way for new players to get started with the game. You can even just hand these bundles out randomly and start in the first Operating Round if there are a lot of new players at the table.
  • teaching scenario that has a scripted playthrough for 2 sets of Operating Rounds that shows off train shuffling, nationalization, compulsory train purchases, loans, and a merge all within the first two sets of Operating Rounds. A really awesome way for new players to get familiar with the bulk of 1861/1867 mechanics quickly.
  • combined and comprehensive rulebook with graphics and examples. 
  • The stock market is not attached to the board. You can play 1861 or 1867 with either the 1861 stock market or the 1867 stock market. Using the 1867 stock market while playing 1861 can make token management easier and it negligibly affects gameplay.
  • A handful of variant rules designed by Ian Wilson to streamline 1861 like the train exporting mechanic from 1867 or removing the price floor for nationalizing companies.
  •  Optional Minor Certificates that represent 100% of a Minor Company will be included.
  • graphical overhaul which includes awesome illustrations and components created by Karim Chakroun and Erik Frobom. Along with these graphical updates are a handful of usability improvements like colorblind icons for tiles, splayable rusting information for trains, and slots on charters for shares and loans, among many others.
  • Pending hitting the $100k stretch goal, tile trays used for both storage and gameplay. Immediately pull your tile trays out for quick setup and you are ready to play.

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