One week to 1861/67 on Kickstarter!

It is pleasure to announce that within a week all 18xx players will be able to support 1861/67 reprint. Few hours ago Joshua Starr (Grand Trunk Games) announced it on Twitter providing link to preview of KS page.

To be honest it looks so, so nice. It’s so professional prepared campaign – good job Joshua.

But the most importat thing to many of you is price – and we have good news on it. One copy will cost 60$, and 4 copies 240$ (you’ll save some shipping cost with this option). It’s cheaper than 18Chesapeake, and you’ll get 2 games in one box!

Notes from KS preview page:

  • Art is not final! 
  • Most components will be double-sided with 1861 on one side and 1867 on the other (trains, certificates, charters, map, stock market… even the box!)
  • Track tiles are double-sided with both standard and “fancy” track and will be a standard 1.5″ flat-to-flat.
  • Track tiles will have colorblind icons.
  • Optional Minor Certificates (that represent 100% of the Minor Company) will be included.
  • Companies used for 1867 are not yet finalized. We are experimenting with different icons/heralds to make the tokens more differentiated and may even create ahistorical companies. Would love to hear what 1861/1867 backers think!
  • “Paint” on the trains will match phase color.
  • The Stock Market will be a separate double-sided board so you can play 1861 and 1867 with either market.  

More info you’ll find there: LINK

THERE you’ll find what will be in the box.

But look on this (one of the KS stretch goals). Whoa, it’ll be amazing to get that. Can’t wait!




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