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Derailed podcast

I feel that they don’t get much attention whereas they’ve been putting a new episode virtually every week! There is already 15 episodes of this new podcast presenting 18xx games from newcomers’ point of view. What I like the best is that they talk about lesser known games published by Marflow.


Grand Trunk Games blog posts

New publisher of 1861/1867 talks about graphic design choices in the new edition of those games. In collaboration with Carthaginian whose redesigns I love and are classics for me. Very interesting read if you care about the graphic side of 18xx components. What I like the most is that they present the evolution of their concepts.




All-Aboard Games poll

Scott from AAG asks for input on what games to mass-produce next.


Swedish convention

There will be a “deluxe” convention in Linköping, Sweden, from 14 to 16 of February 2020. More information on BGG:


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