Upgrade set for 1883 is almost ready!

We are proud to present our biggest upgrade to the 18xx game so far. This set is prepared for the 1883 game. It contains not only stickers for companies markers, but also a few new tokens like 5mm height wooden squares to mark the government concessions!

In total, there are 206 wooden pieces in this set! Can you imagine it? But that is not the end. We are also adding to this set all elements that were included in errata publication by Aleph Game Studio. So, there are labels to correct tiles in the game and also labels to correct the game map! There is a new charter for one company and two mini maps which are player aids, all is printed on a thick paper!

And the last thing: in this game, there are hills and mountains on the map, there are a lot of them, they are on 38 tiles on the map, and they are important during the game. During the entire game you need to know where is the hill or where is the mountain tile. You can use our cubes to do so, but you can also use plexi add-ons, which perfectly fit the map and cover the hills or mountains. This plexi is transparent, so you can see all that is under it. It has a different thickness: 2mm for hills and 4mm for mountains. So after building hexes on them, you will see how high they are and where hills or mountains are!

Are you as excited as we are? I hope so, now I can play this game like a 18xx master chef!

You can preorder it in our shop here: https://www.railsonboards.com/our-shop/

Attn: we have only a few sets prepared, when they will be sold out then you will need to wait a few weeks for a restock of some wooden elements in our warehouse!

Plexi to this game will be prepared by our friends from Radvoy Laser Art Studios, they makes our first player marker. Expect a few new photos soon.

Full summary of components in this upgrade set you can found here: https://www.railsonboards.com/gallery-1883-upgrade-set/


How to correct game elements:

Before correction:

After correction:


Before correction:

Carefully cut it (do not cut the gameboard on the other side!)

After correction:


Before correction:

After correction:





4 thoughts on “Upgrade set for 1883 is almost ready!”

  1. This looks amazing – even though I own 1883, I’m still surprised just how much there is in this package. Just one question, if you are printing stickers, have you included stickers for the 2 missing hills and 2 missing mountains on the gameboard? (Bologna Hills and Parma Hills boxes are “Hills” and Poretta-Prato and Lucca boxes are “Mountains”).

    Also, one of the maps in Aleph’s errata PDF has a spelling error – the “n” is missing from the tile “Government Concessions”

    Fantastic work, many thanks to you all, I’ve pre-ordered mine just now.

    1. Thanks John, there are no stickers for the missing hills and mountains, but you have great idea and I will add them to this set.

    1. You can always cut it from the bigger sticker and stick only the missing/wrong number 🙂

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