The colors of our tokens.

Last update: 31.07.2021

We currently have 24 colors of wooden elements. If you need to find out which color to choose for our wood, we have prepared the following list for you. The choice of colors was based according to the printing of stickers, the color of which was to be as close as possible to the color of tokens, it may vary depending on the type of paper used or the method of printing. Second important thing! I provide colors in CMYK coding. The CMYK color palette is used in all printers, in RGB coding they may look slightly different. If you change the palette from RGB to CMYK during the graphic development.

  • black       Pantone: black C      CMYK: 000000
  • blue       Pantone: 2144C      CMYK: 0061a1
  • bright green       Pantone: 3501C      CMYK: 4CAE04
  • brown       Pantone: 7594C      CMYK: 7C3A2D
  • cherry       Pantone: 1945C      CMYK: A60A3D
  • fuchsia      Pantone: 2353C     CMYK: e975ab <- UPDATED 31-07-2021
  • gold      Pantone: 1385C     CMYK: C97A00
  • green       Pantone: 348C      CMYK: 00843D
  • grey       Pantone: 430C      CMYK: 7C878E
  • inky       Pantone: 2738C      CMYK: 13057F
  • lavender       Pantone: 2086C      CMYK: A08BCB
  • light blue       Pantone: 2193C      CMYK: 2fb4e9 <- UPDATED 31-07-2021
  • light brown       Pantone: 2341C      CMYK: B66C6D
  • lime       Pantone: 584C      CMYK: D2D755 <- UPDATED 31-07-2021
  • natural       Pantone: 4685C      CMYK: E0C6AD
  • navy blue       Pantone: 7684      CMYK: 385E9D <- UPDATED 02-10-2020
  • orange       Pantone: 1655C      CMYK: FC4C02
  • pink       Pantone: 1777C      CMYK: FB637E
  • red       Pantone: 199C      CMYK: D50032
  • tan       Pantone: 7502C      CMYK: CEB888
  • turquoise       Pantone: 329C      CMYK: 007063
  • violet       Pantone: 2089C      CMYK: 7248BD
  • white       Pantone: 000C      CMYK: FFFFFF
  • yellow       Pantone: 109C      CMYK: FFD100

You can also download a PDF file with exactly the same colors as given above. Warning! For good color reproduction, in the graphics program open this file with the CMYK palette.
Link: Download the PDF file.

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