March 2019 competition … and the winner is ….

We had answers from 6 readers only. I think the questions were simply difficult, some of them related to the games we played recently, I described them on the blog and only a careful reader could know the answers 😉

They are:

  1. In which game Diesel train can count only 3 cities on its route?
    18PA, this hame has permanent rains: 4, 5 and 3D.
  2. Something familiar with the history of Poland: list 3 games in which cities currently located in Poland are also on the 18xx map.
    There are a lot of games with Poland cities, bigger ones, most known are: 18EU and 18OE. But there are also: 1824, 1837, 1837SX and 1861.
  3. In which country the first railway route was built illegally by foreign investors and was dismantled a year later.
    It was in China, foreign investors are in 1880 so it was a hint for those who do not know the history of the railways.
  4. In what game can you sell the president’s certificate?
    Few of them: of course it is 1860, but also 18BG and probably few other.
  5. What title has a rigid number of operational and exchange rounds?

Out of all correct answers we have drawn one number and it was assigned to the reader who send us an answers as the first one! The winner is Balaji Hariharan. Congratulations!

I hope that for our next competition on the occasion of our second anniversary, we will get a lot of applications. The main prize will be 1883!

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