March Contest (update)

Our competition is unfortunately still unresolved. I received only one message with answers, but unfortunately two of them were wrong, so theoretically I cannot award prizes. The first player marker is still waiting for the winner and I decided to change the competition rules a bit.
There are a total of 5 questions. Each correct answer will give one vote in the prize draw, If you know the answer only to one question, then go ahead and write.

You have one week to send your answers (till 18th April), the questions are:
1. In which game Diesel train can count only 3 cities on its route?
2. Something familiar with the history of Poland: list 3 games in which cities currently located in Poland are also on the 18xx map.
3. In which country the first railway route was built illegally by foreign investors and was dismantled a year later.
4. In what game can you sell the president’s certificate?
5. What title has a rigid number of operational and exchange rounds? More detail: in which title the game ends after a certain number of operational and stock rounds?

Send your answers to: contest@[this domain]

Soon the next competition on the occasion of our anniversary. The main reward will be a real 18xx game!

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