Grand Trunk Games first titles revealed: 1861/1867

I think we can already reveal our little secret and tell you what will be next game from the 18xx series released in the near future. This is not one title, but two! TWO TITLES IN ONE BOX! They will be:
1861: The Railways of the Russian Empire
1867: The Railways of Canada

The author of both games is Ian Wilson. These are not new titles, because their publisher have been All-Aboard Games so far, but we are very happy that they will finally be available in a larger volume and reportedly at a good price.

We’ll learn more in the coming weeks. Now we only know that the games will be released thanks to Grand Trunk Games. No official date for the Kickstarter but Joshua Starr from Grand Trunk Games has hinted at it being this summer.

I have also small note from GtG:

Well the forums have been buzzing after All-Aboard Games announced that they would no longer be printing 1861/1867. While you’ve heard plenty of rumors, I’m writing now to confirm that 1861 and 1867 will be printed by Grand Trunk Games as a combo pack.

To me, 18xx is a truly thought provoking genre and something of a “best kept secret”. My goal with GTG is not to just reprint a game and hope to sell it to folks who already play 18xx, but rather to engage both new and experienced audiences.

Part of that is tackling the current barriers to entry for 18xx like stigma, learnability, availability, price, and aesthetics for new players… but also ensuring that experienced players have a meaty game with a functional presentation. 1861/1867 could be your 1st play of 18xx or it could be your 100th, so I see it as a great title to bring 18xx to the table and keep it there.

Joshua Starr

Grand Trunk Games
BGG: 1861: The Railways of the Russian Empire
BGG: 1867: The Railways of Canada

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  1. Have played 1861 once and liked it. 1867 remains to test.
    It will be interesting to see what GTG makes of this, and I don’t mind 18xx becomming more accessible.

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