White versus white

From the beginning, our white tokens seemed perfect to me. It was not a perfectly white color, a grain of wood could be seen through it. Recently one of my clients pointed out that our white color is really not so perfect. Besides, one of the token sizes was less white than the others. I talked about it with the producer and asked him to improve the whiteness. Yesterday I received my order and now white is perfect, like a piece of paper. What do you think about it? Which one do you prefer? What to order in the future?

Because it is very different from the previous white color, it cannot be mixed with it. Should there be a category for it in the price list?
How to call both these two colors, white and whiter? I am waiting for your ideas. One of your ideas will be rewarded: the author will receive 100 discs from our store.


5 thoughts on “White versus white”

  1. I would offer both categories. For the name I would tend to call them “pure white” and “white beech” (I’m not sure which kind of wood it is, is it beech?)

    I would order the white beech disks, I like the wood shining through the colour, but I think most people would buy the pure white ones.

    1. Congrads Heiko, you are winner together with FiM, I will use “pure white” and “cream white”. Thanks

    1. Actually all white are pure white, ivory could be but actually it is unapproachable.

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