Shop upgrade: new color and cylinders

After a quiet month, we have some surprises for you in our store.

The first one: a new color lavender or light purple. We ordered all the elements we had before in this color, so we have lavender cubes, discs, sticks and even locomotives! This color is perfect to 1817 where you need to stick labels with info about company capitaization.


The second thing: a new size of disks, these are discs with a diameter of 12mm but twice as high, so they are 10mm. I do not know if you will be interested in them, so we ordered a very small amount.

Third thing: so far only disks have been available in such a wide range of colors, we decided to make up for it and from now on you can buy each of our wooden elements in almost all colors. I think we’re crazy, but yes, we even have locomotives in 13 colors (pink is missing now, but will be added in April)!

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