New labels in our small shop…

From now on you can order labels to new 1830 edition. They are beautiful, the colors and cutting are just perfect. I am surprised by the accuracy with which my local printing house cuts them out.

I took a few photos so you can compare our stickers and tokens that are in the game.

.. and they perfectly fit the New York stations tile, all the route is visible:

There are also labels to two Winsome 18xx titles: 1834 and 1857. The colors match the ones used in original Winsome games.

We updated labels to 1844 and 1854. To these games, 15mm station tokens fit perfectly and I think that it is an unusual thing. Because most 18xx games use smaller stations places. New ones:

you can still order the 12 station tokens instead of 15mm station labels, just add comment to the order.

New photos with 1844 tokens:

New photos with 1854 tokens , do you also like these black tokens with white circles?:

In March we want to make labels for the next titles.
Which games? We think about the original first edition of 1830, 1870 is also on the list and I think about 1835 (I have got it unpunched on my shelf), any other ideas? We are waiting for your suggestions…

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