1830 with Lemmi’s moderator (3/3)

1830 with Lemmi’s moderator (3/3) – Operating Round

Note: from Lemmi’s point of view, this is not a direct continuation of the previous post. Money and privates differ. It differs between video examples as well.

Revenue from privates is paid automatically at the beginning of each Operating Round. Once a company is done with operating, press Enter (or Space) to go to another.

Paying for river or mountain

Left-click on the company’s treasury and choose “80 – Fluß” (River) or “120 – Berg” (Mountain).

Placing a station token

To place a station, left-click on a “Pöppel” section in the company’s row. The cost is automatically taken from the treasury

Buying a private

Click on a privates section in the company’s row. Select a private (privates in red are the ones owned by the president), write a price on keyboard and hit Enter.

(alternatively you can choose a price using mouse. Click on a chosen value or “create” it by first choosing last digit and then a multiple of 10. So 132 would be “+2” and “130”. Ten lowest and ten highest values are already on the left hand of the window. If the price range is small–think of cheaper privates–all possible values are already present)


Minus means “withhold”, plus means “pay dividends”. In order to toggle that sign (from minus to plus, from plus to minus), right-click on a “Fährt” section in the company’s row.
Left-click on the same section and enter the amount the company runs for. Either choose from the list or write on keyboard. If the values doesn’t change, you don’t have to re-enter it on the next OR.

Note: company’s treasury is modified only when you go to another (by hitting Enter). However Lemmi knows that what you withhold is available to pay for a train.

In this example (video above), B&O pays $80 for a river (left click on its treasury), places a station token (left click on its stations), buys a private belonging to its president (by paying $140), runs for $100 (paid as dividends–there is “+” symbol), and ends its operating (Enter). PRR decides to withhold (right click on a “Fährt” section) and runs for $100.

Buying trains

Normal purchase

Left-click on an available train.

Purchase from another company

Left-click on a train belonging to another company you wish to buy. Set a price (same way as with privates).

In this example (video above), B&O buys a train from PRR for $1 (I clicked on the price; it can be entered via keyboard as well). B&O ends its operating (Enter). Now, NYC buys a train from Bank (left-click) and ends its operating (Enter). I didn’t touch runs values, so Lemmi assumed that they didn’t change.

Upgrading 4-train to D-train

Right-click on an available D-train.

Emergency purchase (and bankruptcy)

Left-click on a train that has to be purchased. Presiden’t money is used. If they don’t have enough cash, sell (right click) his shares until their cash isn’t negative. If it still is, declare a bankruptcy (Action → Declare bankrupt).

In this example (video above), PRR upgrades a 4-train to D-train (left click) and ends its operating (Enter). C&O doesn’t change anything: it immediately ends its operating (Enter). B&O is forced to buy a train and doesnt’ have enough money. The president pays and then sells any shares they can, but it’s not enough—they go bankrupt.

Final note

I think that I covered everything needed in order to play 1830 with Lemmi. If you have questions, find an error etc., please write a comment.

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