1830 with Lemmi’s moderator (2/3)

1830 with Lemmi’s moderator (2/3) – Stock Round

Note: from Lemmi’s point of view, this is not a direct continuation of the previous post. Money and privates differ. I changed player names so they are more distinct.

This is 1830, so you can sell any number of shares, buy one share, and sell any number of shares. Alternatively, you can pass.
Once a player is done (or passes), click on the next player. If you do so for all players in the row, the game automatically goes to Operating Round.
This symbol: » before a player name indicates that they have priority deal at the moment.

Moderator takes care of the constraints. For instance, it won’t allow you to buy more than one share at once (unless permitted → brown zone) or to buy shares of a company you’ve sold this turn; as well as will ask you to sell shares if you are over the limit (in this case there is red background under the corresponding number, so you’ll be aware).

Buying a share

If a player wants to buy a share, click in the appropriate column. Left click if they want to buy a share from bank pool or from IPO if bank pool is empty. Middle click if they want to buy from IPO.
If it’s the first certificate (president’s), player will be asked to set the par value. In the table that appears, yellow numbers indicate what they can afford with their cash.

In this example (video above), B_player buys PRR’s share from bank pool (left click); C_player buys PRR’s share from IPO (middle click); A_player launches CPR (left or middle click, both work since CPR is not in bank pool, so there is no ambiguity). They then set the par value. The table clearly shows that they could afford 4 shares if the par value is set to $100/$90; 5 shares if set to $82/$76/$71; or 6 shares if set to $67. They choose $67 (left click on 67).

Selling shares

If a player want to sell a share, right click in the appropriate column. The number turns red to remind what they have sold. Several right clicks if they wish to sell more shares.

In this example (video above), B_player sells 3 PRR (three times right click); C_player passes (left click on the next player); A_player sells 2 NYC (right click twice), buys a B&O from IPO (left or middle click) and sells a PRR (left click).


Either click on the next player’s name or hit Enter.

Finishing Stock Round

Just pass for everyone. Then hit Enter and Operating Round begins.

Buying/selling controls (once again)

buy from bank pool (or from IPO if none in bank pool) ← buy from IPO → sell

(left click ← middle click → right click)

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    1. I have yet to try it. But honestly I don’t see an incentive to use it as moderator if I already know Lemmi.
      However I would gladly use Rails to play online.

    1. Can it be “more English”? Because what is on the screenshots is already “in English” (option -senglish).

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