1830 new and old edition

Photo story with comparison of the old and new version.

NEW: 2018 Lookout Games edition (photos on the right)
OLD: 2011 Mayfair Games edition (photos on the left)

You can find my short summary at the end of the page.

Boxes have a slightly different sizes, but they look almost the same:

The map has also a slightly different size, it is longer from one side and narrower from the other, this way you will not be able to fit the new map into the old box and the old map to the new box:

But the biggest change is the way it breaks down:

The entire map after unfolding, do you see what is missing in the new version?

If you have not noticed yet, in the new version there is no area for train cards and information about what is happening in the next phase:

All errors on the board are corrected:

I do not know why the publisher decided to change the colors of the companies?:

The stock market has been improved, so far company tokens have completely hidden the values, now the values are placed in the corner:

The map on the other side of the board gently changed, there are no starting stations for the additional companies that were in the previous edition:

But on the other side of the board, there is still an area for placing train cards in both versions:

The cards are almost the same, only the colors of several companies have changed:

Train cards are identical but there is one very important detail. In the previous version, permanent train cards were on the other side the cards of private companies or 2-trains. Now all train cards are one-sided:

Private companies are identical (well almost):

In the previous version, the cards to determine the starting order were tokens, now they are real big cards.

The track tiles are identical except for the color of their numbering, the earlier black font has been replaced with white. During the game, it does not really matter.

And the other side of the track tiles:

The cities for some tiles have been nicely thickened, which is why they are not to be missed now.

Station markers are slightly smaller in the new version, but they are still too big and cover part of the track and it looks like that New York is one big city. For us during the first games often it caused trouble and we badly counted routes.

Our labels and 12mm tokens fit perfectly. We will soon make a version of the stickers with colors suited to the new version (somewhere in the middle of January we will add them to our shop).

A set of tokens for one and the same company from both versions. I do not know why in the new version the signs of the companies are so small? Upper side:

Lower side:

Old and new tokens. Are the new ones ugly for you too?

There are a big changes in companies colors, Erie is yellow now, Boston is green. In the previous version, the Erie logo was very nicely accented thanks to the black color. Now it looks like you see :/

All company logos are now very small, why did they do that? I do not know?

In the new version, instead of two round marks, we have one, just like in all other games 18xx.

There are also additional cards with information on what capital is needed to run the company. This is very valuable information, we always counted it on the calculator.

Company charters, almost identical, only Erie is yellow and Boston green.

The last thing, the manual, now has only 28 pages, instead of 48. Previously there were additional scenarios to the map on the other side of the board.

The old version contains a lot of additional components: company cards, certificates, trains, tokens and tracks for additional scenarios. The new version has none of these components:

The new version looks very nice. This is a mandatory purchase for new players. The scenario components may be released separately in the future, I would not care about them because the main map itself is a game that can be played for a long time.

The errors that were in the previous edition have been corrected (there is one error in the tracks on their other side).

In our store you can buy stickers and wooden tokens for the old edition, soon we will also add stickers matching the new version on which Erie is yellow.

3 thoughts on “1830 new and old edition”

  1. At the start of this year I switched to the Avalon Hill version. Since then I haven’t looked back to the Mayfair edition.

    1. agree, i have the AH version on what is called here the ‘Old’ one, and everyone in my group vetoed playing with the new one… to be fair though the ‘new’ version does fix some of the flaws so AH isnt as far ahead as it was before

  2. the tokens in the Lookout version are misalignment and have small icons. They r worse than Mayfair version

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