Labels for tokens for several 18xx titles in our store from now…

Last store update this year, but we have something for you, that I hope you are waiting for? There are perfectly printed, beautifully cut stickers.

We have prepared a set of all stickers for 1830, 1844, 1854 and 1856. Not all of them need such a full set of stickers, so you can only buy a set with large stickers, which includes stickers for 15mm tokens to indicate income during the operational round, the stock value and to mark the par price.
And additionally or separately a set of 12mm stickers with stations.

Some of them seem to be obligatory for 18xx gamers.
For the first Mayfair edition of 1830.

All companies tokens are suitable for exchange because:

  • station markers are too big and cover part of the tracks;
  • markers on the stock exchange are the same on both sides, meanwhile when a given company makes a move during an OR, we always rotate its marker after its move, then we know that it has been moved and whose turn it is currently;
  • there are no markers for determining income, in theory you can use those that will stay after upgrade station tokens, but I prefer the nice wooden ones 🙂

I don’t know how big are station tokens in new second (now Lookout Games) edition?

Original markers:

Our tokens:

The color of PRR I corrected and now it is more brighter:

Games 1844 and 1854 did not have tokens for determining the income of companies. The remaining markers are on the one side very illegible, and it is much easier to use wood markers during the game.

1856 is the last title to which we have developed stickers. There is no markup to mark income during OR. The remaining markers are a bit of a problem with their colors.

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4 thoughts on “Labels for tokens for several 18xx titles in our store from now…”

    1. I just got permission from John Bohrer, so yes, they will be 🙂
      Probably at the end of January.

  1. This is an interesting initiative. I have a comment and two questions:

    1. For station markers in 1844 and 1854, I think 15mm discs would be better, because the circles on the tiles are larger than in the other games. 12mm discs seem a bit small.

    2. Would you consider producing tokens for the AH edition of 1830? E.g. the C&O is light blue in the AH edition.

    3. Would you consider producing a set of tokens for 1870?

    1. Thanks Dave,
      About 1. You’re right, in fact 15mm tokens fit perfectly, I’ll add them after the next print.
      About 2. Yes, great idea, I will check them.
      About 3. Yes, in the future I will add them too.

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