How does it look? 1890

Are 18xx games ugly? Look at this gallery and judge yourself.

Game: 1890
Edition : PnP (all files are available on bgg)
Year: 1999
BGG link:

The Box (you can download design of this box here:

All game components:

The board:

Tokens on the stock market:

All tiles:

Fits great, remember to make them 5% smaller before print:

Cards printed on a thick paper:

Trains (mounted like in all my pnp games):

Companies tokens:

Companies charters:

Other cards:

3 thoughts on “How does it look? 1890”

  1. how do you make your shares? Do you just use 1 piece of linen paper or is it two glued together?

    very nice.

    1. The cards were printed in my local printing house, it was laser printing. Unfortunately, it was very expressive and accurate only for a few months. Then something changed and everywhere there were bigger grooves in the paper, there were unprinted places. The printing house said it was the fault of the paper, but I kept buying the same paper in the same place. So I had to change the way of printing. Currently, I print on an inkjet printer at home.

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