Punching Cardboard Ep.135 and something more…

Interesting conversation on topic 18xx. When we play euro games, when we build ourselves a collection, we have enough 1-2 games that use the same mechanics. Meanwhile, all 18xx games have the same scheme, the same general mechanics, but each one is so different. Why are they so different and what makes them not bored?

Link to episode: http://punchingcardboard.com/?p=889
Link to download: http://traffic.libsyn.com/punchingcardboard/PCP_135_final.mp3

In details, minute by minute:

00:11:13 — Bruges & The City on the Zwin
00:17:23 — Innovation & Echoes
00:28:52 — Automobile
00:35:03 — Portland 18XX Con
00:40:57 — What is it With 18XX?
00:46:55 — Going to the Shows (Starebaby, Robert Plant)
01:15:28 — Bob Dylan Makes Whiskey
01:29:19 — Azul (in-depth)

And on a mini blog (https://www.boardgamegeek.com/blogger/10008/galatolol-1) Galatol writes:

I feel more and more disconnected from the boardgames mainstream. I dislike the fact that most of the games nowadays must be under 90 minutes, have ton of minis and look more like toys than games.

I agree with him so much 🙂

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