18CZ is one of the HeavyCardboard Golden Elephant Award 2017 Finalists!

Congratulations to Lonny Orgler – his 18CZ is one of the Heavy Cardboard’s Golden Elephant Award finalist for 2017.
To be honest 18CZ is not our best 18xx we played so far, and I ranked it for 7 in BGG criteria. But, we didn’t play much and maybe my opinion will change. So far I really love 2 player version, but only that one which include Vaclav. With more players I was bored, but I really need to find out how to merge companies better than I did.

Other finalists are:
– Gaja Project
– John Company
– Keyper
– Lisboa
– Time of Crisis

Who do you think will win Golden Elephant Award 2017? Will it be again 18xx game? Last year it was 1822, and this year?

BTW, as far as I know, HC did a mistake, and Fox in the Box is not a Lonny’s company. They published his 18CZ because they are located in Czech Republic.





2 thoughts on “18CZ is one of the HeavyCardboard Golden Elephant Award 2017 Finalists!”

    1. I hope it will be “John Company”… because I ordered it few days ago 😉

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