Lonny Orgler’s 18xx games day in upcoming Saturday!

Next Saturday will be full of 18xx games, because we will meet in Olkusz in Michał’s house (not me ;)). We planned 18OE, but I had some problems with my eyes, and I was unable to read rules, and translate them. So, we decided that this time we will play only 18xx games of one designer and since Marcin finished his cutting job with 1880, Lonny Orgler’s games will be on the table. 1880 for the first time ever, then 1854 and finally 18CZ. 3 long titles, but we will have the whole day to play 🙂
And to be honest, it will be also funny to play only games from one designer. And we could do this only with Lonny, because we didn’t have more than one title from another designers (as I remembered well). Stay tuned!

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