Group order of tokens for PnP sizes 12&15mm / update 4

Order directly from the producer.

The delivery time is about 2-3 months. If we collect 3 thousand pieces from every color, then this order will be processed right away. If it’s less then we have to wait for the color to be painted. Then our order will be added to the painting together with other elements. Unfortunately, there can not be less, otherwise painting is uneven.

Shipment registered from Poland is about $16 for every 2,500 tokens +/- 20% depending on the country.
Payment after production.
Available colors: yellow, blue, white, black, red, green, pink, orange, violet, brown, gray, light blue, light brown, light green, natural and other on request.
Those interested please send a message via bgg to magole or via twitter (@bgg_magole or @railsonboards).

Why 12mm?

Look at the following station examples.
Here, an example with 15mm tokens, the stations obscure part of the route and you get the impression that there is a passage from one side to the other.

Here, 12mm tokens are perfect, they do not obscure anything and there is no possibility of confusion.

Larger tokens are ideally suited for use on the stock market, they are larger and easier to operate.


As for today there are (17-04-2018 update):

  • me: size 12mm 200 for every color
  • tudor: size 12mm 200 for every color
  • JC: size 12mm 500 for every color
  • Njaln: size 12mm 200 for every color + size 15mm 200 for every color
  • Galatolol: size 12mm 200 for every color
  • bfix: size 12mm 70 for every color
  • jfaltman: size 12mm 250 for every color

Together we have got 1820 tokens for every color.

Our order will be ready till the end of the May. There is still time for an update – till the end of April.

Update (17-06-2018): I got all the tokens and today I will pack them and I will contact all of the buyers. 

4 thoughts on “Group order of tokens for PnP sizes 12&15mm / update 4”

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  2. I don’t suppose you’re looking to put together another group order for these? If so, I’d be keen to be a part of it.

  3. I, too, am interested in another order. Will you be coordinating another one, or at least letting us know where you got them so we can?

    1. We are working on starting our small shop with tokens, you will be able to make an order later this month 🙂

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