How to make a table with revenue per share

This table is used in every game we play. How to prepare it? It is very easy. You can print it on a foil, or you can use an ordinary inkjet printer and print in on a self-adhesive paper.

Now you can download a new design of this table here, or the old one here. Have fun 🙂

Read our step by step guide how to make it.

The materials:

  • 2mm book binding cardboard (I bought it in 100×70 cm size), you can also use 1mm book binding cardboard
  • the illustration is printed on adhesive foil (solvent print on my local printing house) – but if you want only one revenue table, then print it on a inkjet printer on a self-adhesive photo paper
  • black adhesive foil (you can buy it in any good printing house)
  • someting to cut (I’m using wallpaper cutting tools)
  • metal cut ruler (it has special one side to make a cut)
  • cutting mat (minimal size A3, best A1)

Prepare a place to work:

Cut out the appropriate piece from the cardboard:

Try and check if it suits well:

Cut the unnecessary parts if the printing was on the foil:

Now, using a long, heavy ruler, I will show you how to perfect match the print to the cardboard.

Place the ruler on the table and do not move it until the printout is glued to the cardboard.

Place the printout so that the top touches the ruler and the right edge ends with the value you choose. Here it is 10 cm.

Put the cardboard on the printout so that it fits perfectly.

Use any other board, notebook, anything that is flat and relatively heavy.

Place this extra board so that it touches the corners of the cardboard and ends with it evenly.

Now, move the cardboard and printout from the ruler and additional board, but remember to not move the ruler and additional board!

Now (remember not to move the ruler and additional board) put only the cardboard to the additional board.

Place the print on the cardboard gently and adjust it to the ruler to the designated place (here 10 cm).

Then put something heavy on the printout and cardboard – this way the printout will not move, when you will stick it.

Raise one side of printout.

Carefully peel off the small piece of the paper.

Then fold the paper to some 5 cm piece.

Now stick the printout with the cardboard on the piece where paper was folded.

Remove the heavy thing from the printout and stick the rest.

Now reverse the printout to the other side.

And make small cutouts as in the picture below, on each corner.

Stick each corner to the cardboard.

Almost ready.

Now I use a black self-adhesive foil to cover the back of the board.

It is very simple, look at the next pictures what I’m doing.

And ready:

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