18GB – First 18xx published in 2018?

Maybe you know this, but first 18xx published in 2018 is (or will be) 18GB.

18GB is set in Great Britain, and if you were playing 1822 then cities and companies names will look familiar to you 😉 The game was designed by Dave Berry and will be published by Deep Throught Games, but so far you can preorder it on Golden Spike Games. It costs 156 $ and there is no option to buy additional money yet. And there’s only last things to do with this game – as author said:

“The last stage in preparing materials for production is to put the rules into the format used by Deep Thought Games and to have them copy-edited and proof-read.”

And as you can find in description on BGG:

“18GB combines elements of 1825 and 1860 on the one hand with features of 1830 and its descendants on the other hand. When setting up the game, the railway companies are randomly grouped into two tiers, so each play will see the map develop differently.”

During the Chattanooga Rail Gaming Challenge first 10 copies were sold. You know what? We are jealous 😉

PS. On BGG (from where we took cover image) you can find also first photo of this game.

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